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The Benefits of Eucalyptus - and why you should hang it in your shower!

There is no better time to grab your Eucalyptus Posy and place it around your home. With the festive season approaching, this plant is perfect for those of you who want to unwind and destress. There are several benefits including health benefits - take a read below and find out why we love Eucalyptus so much.

Not only is eucalyptus the most aesthetically pleasing to look at, it has a sensational aroma that is adored so much by people that they turn it into candles, essential oils and much more.

Health Benefits of Eucalyptus

Research has linked the inhalation of eucalyptus oil to a reduction in blood pressure, tension, pain, and respiratory and sinus problems. Additionally, the crisp, fresh smell helps open your sinuses and awaken your mind. Studies have shown that eucalyptus helps to lower inflammation and encourage nasal drainage when inhaled into the respiratory system. Eucalyptus also helps enhance mental clarity, alertness, and stimulation, which makes it an ideal and natural energy booster if you are frequently tired.

Hanging Eucalyptus in your Shower

Hanging eucalyptus in your shower is an easy five minute activity that can lead to inhaling the natural scents of this plant, turning your bathroom into your own sensual spa. By hanging your eucalyptus tie in the shower, the added heat and wetness encourages the plant to produce their scent.

What you'll need:

- 1 or 2 Branches of Eucalyptus

- Scissors

- Twine

Using your scissors, cut several pieces of eucalyptus and bunch together. Use your twine to tie your bunch together. Drape it over your shower head or on a hook inside the shower.

The Longevity of Eucalyptus

We are big fans of eucalyptus because of how resilient it is as a plant. Fresh eucalyptus can last up to three weeks if kept in the right conditions and requires minimal maintenance.

Other ways you can use your eucalyptus is to turn your left overs into air fresheners around your home or place it in a bowl and you have homemade potpourri!

You can grab locally grown eucalyptus posies in our store seasonally or alternatively, pick up one of our hand poured soy wax candles to keep your home smelling fresh this season!

We can't wait to see you this festive season at Memento Belfast! Be sure to pop in for some flowers, plants and gift inspiration this month!

Lots of love,

Memento Team x

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