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Keeping your blooms cool in a heatwave!

It's getting hot, hot hot! We all love a bit of glorious sunshine in our lives, don’t we? Sadly our cut flowers don’t love it just as much as we do. So its really important that we give our cut flowers a bit of extra TLC before we say goodbye to them to head off to a beer garden 😉

So here are some of our expert florists' top tips to keep your flowers looking their best all year round but especially on hot days!

1. Avoid direct sunlight. Keep em somewhere shady and cool, those harsh rays of sunshine will have your blooms wilting within hours if left near a window or sunny spot.

2. Don’t let the water get lukewarm and stinky. You’ll find that your flowers will drink more in the heat, and bacteria will also grow quicker with the warmth. Don't just top the water up, change it entirely with fresh water from the cold tap. We recommend cleaning your vase with a tiny drop of bleach to kill off any remaining bacteria!

3. Deadhead!! Weather cut or planted flowers, remove any heads that have passed it asap to avoid shortening the life of those that are still happy and healthy.

4. We all love a bit of a breeze on a warm sticky day, but your blooms don’t like a draught. If you're lucky enough to have air-con, make sure your flowers aren't near the vents.

5. Wanna keep them forever? Then dry em out. Make the most of that lovely dry weather to dry your blooms out. String em up and hang them upside down in a dry, airy spot and see what happens – nothing ventured, nothing gained!


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