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Wake up sleepy plants!

Now that Spring has finally sprung, its time to turn our attention to our plants who've been chilling over the Winter months, for some plants they go into full dormancy not growing at all whilst others just grow at a much slower rate.

Now that the longer days have made a welcome appearance our houseplants will naturally start to waken up and do their thing, however they will need a little helping hand from us just to get them back on their feet and flourishing again.

  1. Dust em' off! You want to make sure that your plant is taking in the maximum amount of sunshine that it can, so fetch the duster or even better these handy Duster Gloves and give those leaves a gentle clean with some water.

2. Cocktails anyone?

No, we don't mean whipping up a Strawberry Daiquiri for your green mates but during growing season (April to September) they will require a little bit more then just water.

You should be aiming to give your plants a feed each time you water them, our Pour and Grow has all the nutrients your plants need for vigorous growth

Your plants will have needed less water over the winter months as their growth was dormant, but now as they are starting to become more active you will need to readjust your watering schedule, as a general rule we also say pop your finger into the top inch of soil, if its dry give it a water if its still wet leave it for a bit.

3. Shower time!

So now your plants are clean, fed and watered you'll want to finish up by giving them a light misting, remember to do this on a regular basis to create some humidity and keep your plants happy and green!

4. New Gaff!

Now that spring has arrived you might want to think about repotting your plants into some new digs and freshing up their soil which will provide the plants with nutrients and give them more space to spread their roots and encourage new growth - Check out our handy repotting kit which comes with soil, step by step guide and a base to keep your own gaff nice and clean!

Need anymore help with your plant Spring refresh, drop a note in the comments and we'll get back to you!

Till next time,

Gary x

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