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Our High Street Voucher Deals

The Minister for Economy recently dropped by our store to launch the High Street Voucher Scheme! The scheme allows NI residents to claim a £100 voucher to spend in local businesses like ours, to give a boost to our local wee economy following the lockdowns over the last two years.

We thought that you all deserved a little extra cherry on top of the £100 voucher, so check out our awesome deals here...

With these super offers your home will be a jungle in no time!

How can you apply?

Applications are simple, but you will need to be over 18 and on the electoral roll. The roll was recently wiped so if you haven't re-registered recently, you'll need to do this before applying for your voucher.

Key Dates:

27th September Application portal opens through NI direct

4th October The first batch of vouchers will be sent out

11th October A telephone service will be open to help applicants

25th October The application portal will close, this is the last day you can apply

30th November The scheme closes and the vouchers will cease to be valid

What can you get?

We're not saying that everyone has to be an October-Christmas-prepper-extraordinaire, but when an opportunity arises like this one, getting your pressies bought early could save you time and money around the festive season...

Here are a few ideas of what you could purchase with the High Street Voucher and our Deal:

The Boujee Bestie

Perfect for best mate who loves a bit of class and luxury, but is also great fun! Add our EIR Candle and a multicolored, sparkling Begonia Rex Maui Sunset, totaling to £100.

The Plant Addict

For the Plant Addict in your life, how about getting them those plants they've been pining for? You could get the elegant Calathea Whitestar (£45), the beautiful hanging Marble Queen AND the gorgeous Alocasia Pink Dragon all within your high street voucher!

The Bathing Babe

For those in your inner circle who like to kick back and relax in the tub. You can get all of this with our £50 and an extra £5 deal.

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